Powder coating for cars, trucks and motorcycles

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder and Ceramic Coatings
Powder Coating is an advanced way of spraying a very fine, dry plastic powder paint onto a metal surface.

As the powder paint cloud leaves the front of the spray gun, it is charged with static electricity. The charge attracts the powder paint to the part that requires coating.

The part is then placed in an oven, where it bakes at high temperature. While in the oven, the powder paint melts and flows into a beautiful and durable finish. Primers are not necessary. And there are no unsightly runs or drips, as often results with the use of wet paint.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly! That's because there are no solvents, which means that powder paint does not pollute the air. Powder coating is also available in wide variety of colors making it possible to match other componants on your project.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Powder and Ceramic Coatings
Reduced Radient Heat
Ceramic-coated headers and exhaust systems produce less heat, because the ceramic acts as barrier between the headers and the engine. This in turn contributes to less stress on nearby mechanical components.

Performance Increase
Ceramic-coated headers can result in a performance increase because of their superior ability to dissipate heat, which is one of the major horsepower killers.

Rust Resitant
Ceramic coating helps headers and exhaust systems last longer. A header with this type of coating will not rust or corrode, because the ceramic coating is rust resistant, making the header more durable.

Better Appearance
Headers that have been ceramic coated generally look better than painted headers or headers that have been wrapped with header tape. Ceramic-coated headers have clean, smooth appearance.

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