Powder coating for cars, trucks and motorcycles

Powder and Ceramic Coatings

A Wide Variety of Colors and Polished Finishes Are Available

ARC Powder and Exhaust Coatings is a Glendale Arizona based provider of powder coating and high temperature exhaust coatings.

Powder coating comes in a wide variety of colors and provides an extremely tough, durable finish which resists cracking, peeling, and marring during handling and normal service use.

High temperature ceramic coatings are available for your exhaust system and provide a beautiful finish as well as dramatically lowered radiant heat. Radiant heat temps can drop by as much as 300 degrees from items such as headers!

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• Manifolds and Headers
• Suspension Parts
• Frame Parts
• Wheels
• Brake Parts
• Motorcycle Parts
• And Much More!

Wheel Powder Coatings
High Temperature Ceramic Coatings Available!